Yamaha YXZ / Wildcat XX Custom Shimless Buckets

Yamaha YXZ / Wildcat XX Custom Shimless Buckets

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Get some Shimless Buckets so you don't kick shims and you can keep on riding. Every boosted YXZ needs these Shimless Buckets. They prevent dropping a valve by eliminating shims. The Buckets keep the shim from getting on top of the retainer and kicking the keepers out which would result in dropping a valve.

Select the shim size above that your exhaust valves currently have. Make sure it is shimmed to the correct shim size you would like.

Only Exhaust Valves require the Shimless Buckets. Please select each size one at a time and add them to your cart. Only 6 are needed.

If Buckets are in stock they will ship right away but if not it could take up to 2-3 weeks until they ship.